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  • Where can I purchase dance shoes?
    We use Mark's Dancewear in Johnston, IA for our shoe and accessory needs. You may call or visit them anytime and let them know you dance at Elite Dance by Nicole. They will set you up with the shoes you need.
  • What type of shoes does my dancer need?
    PRE-K & K-1: Ballet Shoes - Daisy ballet shoes in pink (these have NO STRINGS) Tap Shoes - Mary Jane Caramel / tan (these are velcro) UPPER REC DANCER: Ballet Shoes - Bliss Split sole canvas ballet Tap Shoes - Mary Jane Caramel / tan OR bloch tap flex in tan/caramel Jazz - Pulse jazz shoe caramel COMPETITION DANCERS: Lyrical - Spins Jazz - Pulse Jazz caramel HIP HOP DANCERS We will get shoes ordered once costuming is determined. Please wear clean tennis shoes to practice until then.
  • What should my dancer wear to dance class?
    All dancers must wear dance appropriate attire. That includes leotards, form fitting tanks or t-shirts, booty shorts. No loose fitting clothing or sweatshirts. Hair must be pulled back and out of the dancer's face. Competition Dancers - Black Leotard and pink tights for ballet tech classes. Otherwise, it must be appropriate dance attire. Attire must be tight fitting, no tshirts, sweatshirts or loose fitting clothing. Please ask your teacher if you are in doubt.
  • Can parents watch dance class?
    No, parents are not allowed to watch. We do have a designated Parent Watch Week - typically in November and April. That week we invite parents to to watch class.
  • How will I know if classes are cancelled?
    In the case of early dismissal or cancellation due to WINTER weather: We follow the Knoxville Community School District on cancellations. If KCSD cancels school or dismisses early, we will cancel dance classes. We post cancellation announcements to our Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, and BAND. Emails will also be sent. In case of early dismissal due to HEAT: We run class as usual- we have AIR!
  • Link to the Parent Portal
  • Logging into the Parent Portal
    Each family has a unique username and password to access their accounts. If you do not have your username and password, PLEASE do not create a new account. Instead, email our office manager at and she will create your account or send you new credentials.
  • Your Account -Find my Class
    When you get into your account, the entire studio schedule will be on the front page. In order to see your dancer's classes only, use the following steps: 1. Find your Name on the right hand side of the toolbar 2. Click the drop down arrow next to your name. 3. Click on the link that says CLASSES
  • Your Account - Find my Balance
    1. Find your name on the right hand side of the toolbar 2. Click the drop down arrow next to your name 3. Click on FINANCE This has your payment information and your ledger showing all charges and payments made on your account. If you have any billing or other account questions please email
  • Your Account - Videos
    When you log into the Parent Portal, you will see a button on the Toolbar called Videos. All videos that are accessible to your student are stored here.
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