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Competition Classes


The Petites Competition Class is a 90-minute weekly class focusing on Jazz and Ballet.  Petites are also required to take the Mini Technique class

Blue Team

Blue Team offers two classes:  Jazz & Ballet.  There will be a Jazz and a Lyrical routine that will compete.  Blue Team is also required to take Ballet Technique.

Boys Hip Hop

Boys Hip Hop is a 30 minute weekly class and we have FUN!  This is a Competition group and will compete the routine.  

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is a 30 minute weekly class.  

Technique Classes

All Competition Dancers are required to take Ballet Technique.  Our Petites are required to take Mini Technique.  Extended Commitment dancers must take at least one other technique class.  

Classes Available:  

  • Ballet Tech:  45 minutes weekly

  • Mini Tech:   30 minutes weekly

  • Jazz Tech:    30 minutes weekly

  • Lyrical Tech:  30 minutes weekly

  • Leaps & Turns:  30 minutes weekly

Other Add-Ons

We offer additional classes for our Competition students.  These are optional!

  • Production:  This group does perform at Competitions. 

  • Pre-Pointe/Pointe:  This class is for our ballerinas.  They will start out as pre-pointe and the teacher will determine when the student is able to advance to Pointe.  This routine performs only at Recital.

  • Tap: 

  • Tumbling:  This class is offered to complement our dancers skill set with tumbling tricks.  There is no routine to compete or to perform at recital.  This class runs October-April

Competiton Choices:   At tryouts you will indicate which of the following you wish to participate in.  

  • ​Solo - One time fee routine plus choreography fee

  • Duet - One time fee per routine plus choreography fee

  • Trio - One time fee per routine  plus choreography fee

  • Group - One time fee per group  plus choreography fee

  • Production - Choreography fee applies 

  • Hip-Hop - Choreography fee applies

In addition to fees above, Competition dancers can expect fees for costumes, Competition Entry fees, and group fees (extended commitment team).  We participate in four (4) required competitions each year.  A summary of all fees will be provided at our Parents Meeting. 

Have a question on classes?  Email

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